The Importance of the Game

Sports are therapeutic, necessary for a well-rounded individual


Tali Amjadi, Staff Writer

Every human being has their own interests, hobbies and strengths.

Our everyday thoughts and actions discern who we are, but playing some sort of team sport or activity teaches one important life lessons and truly does make someone a better overall, well-rounded student and person.

Not only do sports benefit a person’s health and physical well-being but it also builds character and relieves stress simultaneously.

Working hard and putting effort towards something you care about and watching yourself grow as an athlete, teammate, or person is a rewarding and exciting process.

It is a break out of your day to be in your own zone where you don’t have to worry about the stresses of school or family — or you can exert that stress into what you’re working on.

Sports enhance a person’s social skills and interactions with others.

Junior Cade Blasen plays basketball and shares what it means to him to play a team sport.

“Sports teach you time management, how to cooperate with others and deal with adversity,” he said.

Blasen said playing basketball gives him a stronger work ethic and makes him an overall happier person.

“My favorite part of it is playing with all the guys,” he said. “It’s fun to get to know other people in different grades. It’s nice because we all work hard together so really great bonds are formed.”

For a lot of people, playing a sport gives them an outlet to a different group of friends and more meaningful relationships.

For me playing sports makes me strive towards a constant goal. It is pushing aside my current desires and needs to work hard for a distant goal, not toward instant gratification.

Most people should play a sport, even if not at a super competitive level.

If it weren’t for playing sports growing up, I would not be the person I am today.