So much work to do!

Students balancing school work and extra activities

Everyone has something outside of school that they do, whether it would be a sport, learning an instrument or taking art classes.

Some people may love their activity so much that they have it every day.

With these extracurricular activities comes more responsibilities for these students, and school work becomes more stressful.

Balancing school work and extracurricular is pretty difficult.

I happen to be one of those students. I dance six days a week and up to five to eight hours each day. On top of all the dance I do, I sometimes struggle to get my school work done neatly and correctly. I constantly have to find time to study. Big projects turn into quite the hassle.

There is a lot of stress because after these students get done with their activities they have to do homework. Once they get around to it they are too tired and don’t want to do it, but they know they have to.

Doing school work stresses us out because we know we have to keep up good grades and stay on top of things. Even after spending late nights getting work done, it results in the students being tired the next day, which makes it harder to pay attention and learn.

So when teachers assign loads of homework every day, it starts to make us all start worrying and stressing oscreen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-22-48-pmut about how we will get all of this done. So how do we find a way to help this situation?

At Blue Valley,  we were given Tiger Paws to use for academic reasons. This does help in many ways but we have to have time to eat lunch, go see teachers for help and try to work on homework with the remaining time we have left.

We don’t get everything done in one hour.

Teachers give homework on weekends even though they know there is a football game that Friday night. Weekends are a time to rest with your family and play sports.

There should be no homework on weekends because it stresses students out on a time when they are supposed to be taking a break from school.

If there even is a way possible to lower the amount of homework students get per day by having administration talk to teachers to lessen the load or go to the school board and discuss this issue, it would immensely help everyone balance out their school work and doing the extracurricular activities they love.