Americanism over Globalism

Why Trump will bring prosperity and greatness to America

e 2016 election will go down as one
of the most important in American history. Not only did an anti-establishment complete Washington outsider win the election, he did it when no one thought he could.

It is an incredible feat in our nation’s history, but it is now time for him to live up to his policies and promises that would turn his magical run to the White House into something even more special.

A er eight years of an Obama adminis- tration, he will go down as the fourth worst president in overall economic growth, with an average of the GDP growing a lackluster

1.55 percent per year. No doubt our economy is slumping right now.

Trump’s economic policies will help bring a much-needed boost, as his tax plan will help struggling middle to lower-class families.

Another huge part of the struggles of the American economy, is unemployment and dependence on food stamps.

Fourteen million workers have le the la- bor force over the past seven years, and 45.5 million Americans used Food Stamps.screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-1-22-39-pm

at’s absolutely ridiculous.

Trump wants to bring jobs back to Amer- ica and cancel trade deals like NAFTA and TPP that have brought millions of jobs to developing countries like China.

Because of stingy regulations and taxes that are just too high, businesses are forced to outsource jobs. Much of Trump’s focus is to ease regulations on businesses and to signi – cantly lower the corporate income tax, which will allow for businesses to thrive.

“America became the world’s dominant economy by becoming the world’s dominant producer,” Trump said at Pittsburg rally. “ e wealth this created was shared broadly, creating the biggest middle class the world had ever known.”

e focus of Trump’s presidency will always be on bringing back American jobs and restoring America to the once dominant economic power in the world.

With the House of Representatives and Senate both now in Republican hands, he will able to make America great again.