First Come First Serve

Making BV parking unassigned

It is without a doubt that Blue Valley parking can be pretty crazy. About 1,000 cars, multiple lots, and for some students, an extremely long walk from their car to the school.

As of right now, BV reqscreen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-40-28-pmuires any student that wants to drive to school to purchase a $15 parking pass that assigns them a spot to park in every day.

For students whose parking spot is premium, this system works great. But for others who have to park out in Timbuktu, this system could be seen as flawed.

First come first serve parking would allow an equal chance for all students to get a spot close to the school.

When students are assigned parking spots, they aren’t guaranteed an equal chance at parking as close to the school as possible

Making parking unreserved at Blue Valley would encourage students to arrive at school earlier


Many students at Blue Valley know that they are guaranteed a parking spot and therefore arrive at school right before the bell rings, resulting in many tardies.

Unreserved parking is more realistic to the rest of the world. When we go to colscreen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-44-31-pmlege and get jobs some day, we will not have reserved parking spots.

If we had first come first serve parking, it would only do good, preparing us for life after high school.

Currently, Blue Valley Southwest exercises unassigned parking, as well as Blue Valley West, who only reserves parking for seniors.

Even if Blue valley just assigned parking for seniors, it would be way better than not having unreserved parking for all students at all.

If BV changed their system to having unassigned parking, the benefits would outway any possible negatives, and BV students would be much happier overall.