Debemus Habet Superiores Aequum Genus

Sushmita Barua, fall 2016 j1 student

Blue Valley values education, providing students with various AP courses to prepare themselves for college and their future.

But, while Blue Valley offers AP courses on languages such as Spanish and French, they don’t offer an AP class for Latin.

This needs to change.

If Blue Valley offered an AP Latin class, it would benefit so many people in so many ways.

According to the College Board, over a third of the students who take the AP exam in May either get a four or a five on the test.

Now imagine Blue Valley students taking the exam. Our school already scores higher than average schools on standardized tests, so allowing students to take the test would just mean more fours and fives adding to the school’s academic record. screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-37-47-pm

Blue Valley also had a history of a minimalistic amount of  Latin II students progressing onto  Latin III and IV.

This is mostly because they don’t see the point of continuing on.

And why should they when continuing on just means more hard work with nothing to show for it?

But having an AP Latin class would mean that more students would see a purpose in sticking with Latin for four years. Latin II students would see a purpose in counting onto Latin III, and eighth graders creating their four-year plan might not overlook Latin as a language option.

AP Latin at Blue Valley would not only help the school and the Latin department, but also the few students who still decide to stay with Latin for four years.
Most of these students plan to take the
AP exam in May, even though they are not taught the material at school.

This practically sets them up for failure.

But if the material is actually taught in class, these students might see a higher chance of getting a better score on the AP test.

Offering AP Latin as a class at Blue Valley would benefit students and staff and would not harm anyone from at least one try.