One Day to Every Day

From Late Start to Normal Start

Maddie Burns

I look forward to every Thursday when school starts at 9 a.m. instead of 7:45, students greatly appreciate the valuable extra time to prepare for the day. It’s a day to get the proper amount of sleep needed to understand and be ready for new concepts being taught in classes, and i greatly appreciate the time to study and do homework before class starts.

I would like to have these opportunities every day but are only granted once a week. Is it the better choice to make every day late arrival?

Studies show it is better for high school students to have school start at a later time. Teenager’s bodies are made to wake up later and stay awake later into the night. School starting at 7:45 causes problems with students’ sleeping habits. Students will wake up early and go to bed late, therefore, leading to them not getting enough sleep. When i have a late night from doing work i tend to struggle focusing in some classes, and staying awake in others which is not helpful for the situation.

When students become sleep-deprived, it makes them extremely susceptible to depression and anxiety. This is why the number of teens developing these problems has increased the past few years.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-50-09-pmThese disorders obviously do not contribute to the sleep deprivation and these difficult conditions for young people to deal with.

Teachers are assigning more homework that is causing students to stay up later to finish these assignments on time. In a typical night i have about 4-5 hours worth of homework total from all of my classes.

After a long day of school, students find it very difficult to concentrate on assignments, causing them to do it later at night when they can’t think properly or not at all.

All of these conditions combined make it even more difficult for the student to be successful on a daily basis.

Having a late arrival every day would give the students the opportunities that they need to strive and be successful in their high school career.

A solution to the loss of school time could easily be the extension of the school day in the afternoon, therefore eliminating the issue of not enough school time every month according to the district’s standards.