Crushed in the Halls

Dealing with an Overcrowded School

Carli Amjadi, Fall 2016 J1 student

It’s like a maze of people during passing period, deciding to cut off one person or to possibly run into someone if yoscreen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-20-17-amu go too fast.

Even if you stop in the hall to wait for a classmate there’s a possibility the person behind you will bump into you. There are many things students stress with, and it shouldn’t be a crowded school.

Halls are filled of people and students are almost running into each other from this chaos created especially since Blue Valley is the smallest high school in the district with lots of students.

Tiger Paws is the worst— During tiger paws while walking down the halls you can see how students have to sit on the floor to eat lunch from the lack of tables at the lunchroom. Adding more room for the tables would allow students to eat at a table what our high school should do for us.

Also the mobiles in August are a place of sweating and extreme heat, especially when the air conditioner stops working. No one should go into a trailer for their education inscreen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-15-27-am a stuffy room.

It’s not just the students suffering — some teachers have to share classrooms to teach which means having to share whiteboards and other objects into two and that get confusing for students when they are in a hurry to write down homework, and they accidently write down the other classes homework instead, resulting the homework being late.

Ideas like building more classrooms and replacing the mobiles and building in the basement so classrooms can go there.

If not possible other students could even transfer to newer high schools like BV Southwest based on their location. so let’s get working on it now so future students don’t get stuck into this mess.