No Dinero for Spanish

Foriegn language department not receiving equal funding

Macey Franko

It isn’t every day that teachers get new resources — sometimes it’s not even every year.

A department that falls into that category is the foreign language department, specifically the Spanish classes.

Teachers send out a list of supplies at the beginning of the term,  with basic things like pencils, markers and papers,  but a lot of the time there are families who can’t purchase new items every year,     having the teacher fall short in much needed supplies.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-48-45-pmThis causes many teachers to have to use their own money to buy these items, and with a teacher budget, it’s hard to buy all that your class needs.

One package of colored pencils from Wal-Mart is almost $7. Multiply that by 10 for the whole year and that’s $70 for just colored pencils that are only used for projects.

Commonly teachers supply things like notebook paper, which can be left over from previous years but still needs to be purchased.

Spanish teacher Kailey Steinman also has pencils for students who forget them. Most teachers aren’t that nice.

A 24-count of pencils cost about $4 but that can become pricey over time.

Many textbooks too are also not very up-to-date.

Fortunately, for the Spanish classes, most books are relevant. But in other languages like Latin, some books may be older.

If the Foreign Language department were to receive a grant, it would be very beneficial and go toward many new      supplies like pencils, pens and paper.