Respect differing opinions

Lack of respect for different perspectives breaks down a productive and progressive society

Imagine your friend says something you don’t necessarily agree with. To preserve the peace in your friendship, you don’t say anything about it and move on with your day, only to tell someone else about how ‘problematic’ your friend was being.

We’ve all been there, but, the truth is, friendships don’t need to end over differing opinions.

You should be open to thoughtful and reasonable discussion with your friend- conversations that allow the speakers to professionally and respectfully argue with one another create progress in our society.

This progress is essential for progressing the dialogue that motivates political leaders to make the change you want to see in the world.

Open your mind to a world of opinions.
The next time your friend says something that negates your opinion, voice how you feel. Engage in thoughtful discussion- you might not only learn something, but you may teach something as well.

Expanding your view on social, economic, and religious issues will in turn make you a more balanced and knowledgeable person.

Not only will these discussions make you a better person, but they make society a more enjoyable place for everyone.

The simple fact is that a disregard for differing opinions exists heavily in our society. Combat the lack of success by perpetuating a conversation about a controversial topic with your teacher, peer, or parent.
It’s on you to make the change- and soon enough, others will begin to follow.