Winter Worries or Winter Wonderland?

Cold months are what you make of them

Loren Reed, Staff Writer

Cloudy skies, stressful times and pecan pies.

The days become shorter, and the nights become longer. Seconds seem like minutes — minutes seem like hours. Motivation lowers, and stress levels heighten.

Seasonal depression may be a factor for winter blues. Irritability and desire to avoid social contact, motivational loss, overeating, anxiety and mood dips are all common signs of the condition.

It’s easier said than done to be happy, but even the slightest bit of hope or faith may be enough to get through the ongoing season.

Perspective seems to be key when moving from November to February. We can either stay involved and busy, or we can sit back and reflect on all the things we don’t do and won’t bother to fix.

Year after year, day after day, I have come to realize that the outcome is in the hands of the beholder. Looking to the brighter side of any situation will result in peace, regardless of any conflict or dilemma.

Focusing on wants rather than needs may very well put you in a tough situation. The most important thing to keep in mind in an issue that may go either way will be to remember that you have your family or someone who cares about you.

Emotion is merely how a situation is perceived. For example, in class, if you tell yourself that you’ll fail a test, chances are you will. On the other hand, if you have confidence and remind yourself that you’ve got this, you’ll most likely do well. Things may be great, but something in the subconscious may be stopping a person from doing what they do best.

In these winter months, it will be best to have faith in yourself and to keep trucking, as though nothing can possibly get in your way.

Finances may be tough — it happens. Stay strong and remember to thank yourself and parents for all that they do.

Find something to look forward to, whether it be a long nap or a ski trip with the family. Keep moving forward, as only today can affect tomorrow. Temperatures will start to drop — bundle up with your cat. Put on a favorite sweatshirt. Keep in mind that the school year is halfway over. You’re a step closer to graduation.

Winter sports are happening — find one to play. Be part of the crowd. Join theatre or a club. Do something different.

We all have rough patches in life, and how they are handled makes a world of difference. It will be hard, it will be difficult, but it will be worth it.

Find something to benefit others. Build a fire, be you, be happy, do you, make your own decisions and never forget to remember that the best is yet to come.screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-12-40-16-pm