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Painted Faces

The media sets unrealistic expectations of women

January 17, 2017

Painted Faces

White teeth and perfect cheekbones smile through the T.V. The beauty industry spends nearly $24 billion dollars a year on these makeup advertisements, with the intentions of making women buy their products.

However, it is so much more than spending a few dollars on some eyeshadow.

The models in these commercials are typically photoshopped, meaning their skin is bronzed, their bodies are thinned out, and their faces are flawless. This offers an unrealistic expectation to women, turning their eyes to their own bodies, in comparison.

It is a sickening endless cycle, that forces women to repeatedly purchase these expensive products, supposedly eradicating their imperfections. This raises an issue of constant dissatisfaction with your natural face, because you are continuously being held to a false reality of perfection.

It typically begins at the age of 13, where blue eyeshadow and mismatched foundation is pasted on the face, and waking up at early hours to do so. The money-hungry industry’s main goal is to target these young women, fronting that their products are something necessary to be feminine, or to be confident.

However, I think it’s time to break the cycle, and tune out the billion dollar companies. Wearing makeup is about making you feel good, not a requirement in order to be “pretty.”


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