Cancel the Carriages

Horse-drawn carriages should be banned from Country Club Plaza


Horse drawn carriages are an iconic symbol of the Country Club Plaza in downtown Kansas City. Many dream of going on a romantic date under the stars while a horse is abused and overworked to contribute to that perfect date night.

Horses tirelessly work through all seasons of the year without federal protections to ensure they are being handled in a safe manner. The horse’s safety rests in the hands of its owner which can endanger the lives of not only the horses, but the passengers as well if the horses aren’t being given adequate care.

More concerns were raised about the safety of the carriages and cruelty the horses could be experiencing last December when a carriage accident occurred.

The horse was spooked and proceeded to run into the car-filled Plaza streets. Three people and the horse itself were injured in the accident.

Horses are not designed to work in such proximity to moving traffic and many questions are raised regarding if working around the fumes cars produce is harmful to the horse.

The carriages pose a risk to surrounding pedestrians as well. Horses are animals, and with any animal comes a hazard — there is no guarantee an animal won’t act out in a way that could be harmful.

Carriages often overwork horses past their maximum capabilities endangering their health and causing them to retire earlier.

Retired horses are of no use to the owners and are often sold to be killed and shipped to places where the horse will soon appear on a dinner table.

Kansas City should follow in the footsteps of many other cities, including Las Vegas and Reno, and ban horse-drawn carriages to make a stand for animal rights and guarantee the safety of pedestrians.