Students Grade Teachers

Teachers need new platform for assessments of abilities

Students Grade Teachers

Isabelle Allen, Photo Editor

Teachers come in all different shapes, sizes and, most importantly, styles. I know that, with the election of our new president, that teachers may soon be salaried by a method called merit pay.  Generally, this merit pay is solely based on test scores of students in his or her class. The way of compensation can be tricky because it only depends on how well students score on standardized testing, and much of the time, can be an inaccurate representation of the abilities of the teacher.

But wonder — what if pay was based on how students graded their teacher.

I have had amazing teachers.  I even hope to become one myself someday.  I’ve also had terrible ones, and ones that are very nice, but struggle to keep the class together and focused.

So, to tell the school what students truly believe, encourage there to be a change.

I know what you’re thinking: Can’t students deem a teacher as terrible even if they are great? Yes, but take into the consideration that these kinks will be worked around.

I really have thought this through.  Give surveys, questionnaires and comment cards to students of a class.  Give students more that just five minutes to answer, though.

Just a note — If students were aware that this is what determines the compensation of teachers, they would be truthful and they would be thorough.

To really understand how students are feeling, randomly pull and interview a few students from the class.  Ask about the teacher’s strengths and weaknesses, and maybe why he or she helps or hinders your learning.  

I know that the administration visits all the teachers in class to observe them, but that really can’t be an accurate depiction of what goes on for an entire school year, or even a semester for that matter.

The survey given out at the end of the year for students to take about their teachers is vague, and quite honestly, a joke.  No one actually takes the time to read all the questions and answer them all honestly and truthfully.

I know that Blue Valley is great, but isn’t there always room for improvement?

Even if this method of pay would only be used when hell freezes over, it is better feedback than what the administration is receiving now.

Constructive criticism is vital in the ever-changing world of education.  To see improvement, people need to first see their flaws and their strong suits.  Both of which can be used to better to education students are getting now.

Not to say that BV is in need of improvement, but that room is always available.  Use constructive feedback from students to better classrooms, and maybe even their pay.