‘All Lives Matter’ is racist

stop dismissing the rights of other groups

The meaning behind “All Lives Matter” — we should not highlight “black lives matter” because all lives matter.

If you follow this “movement,” it’s likely that you live in a predominantly white area where the majority of your social group is indeed white.

It’s okay to make that generalization.

It’s understandable that if you had to witness the injustices committed against those of minority communities, you would understand that it is in fact you who is missing the point.

When you say the phrase, you are actually perpetuating racism. You’re making it harder to bring about positive change and you’re broadcasting to others that change isn’t necessary when it is.

“Black Lives Matter” is trying to say what you’re saying: tha
t all lives matter equally.

It’s trying to highlight the evidence that black lives matter less than white lives in the criminal justice system and in society.

So when you say “All Lives Matter,” you’re drawing attention away from a movement that would help push the country toward the version of itself where all lives actually could — and do — matter.

But do you know what’s so great? You have the ability to change your actions. All you have to do is be willing to learn and listen.

By doing this, we can achieve our one common goal — equality.