Immigration Creation

America will not benefit from restricting immigration

Kaitlin Yu, Co-editor in chief

As this election cycle came and went, it became apparent to politicians on all sides of the matter that immigration reform is a point that needs to be acknowledged.

Fear has arisen that immigrants are taking U.S. jobs and that specifically Middle-Eastern immigrants are bringing the threat of terrorism close to America’s heart.

However, we need to continue accepting immigrants because they have been and will continue to be beneficial for America.

People are wrong to believe that increased immigration will negatively impact the U.S. economy.

According to The Bipartisan Policy Center, immigration reform would boost domestic product by 4.8 percent and productivity by 1 percent over the course of 20 years.

Immigration reform doesn’t hurt employment either — rather, it would increase employment and raise wages in 20 years.

And most evidence points to the conclusion that immigration’s impact on the native wage is either none or trivial.

Not only would it create jobs in the U.S. economy, it would bring extremely skilled workers to America, which is significant in the global market for talent.

In fact, many tech firms have opposed President Donald Trump’s travel ban, claiming it’s bad for business since it threatens the companies’ abilities to attract talent to the United States.

Travel ban supporters defend it, saying it’s a step toward stopping terrorism — but it’s not.

The Islamic State immediately took advantage of the travel ban in order to fuel their propaganda to gain more supporters.

This ban alienated key allies and created more divisions in the world — Iraqi lawmakers began writing a reciprocal American travel ban, and their soldiers are feeling insulted, according to The New York Times.

And finally, immigrants give up nearly everything to create better lives for themselves and their children.

I am a child of immigrants. My parents left their home country and lived poor while also studying diligently in order to get good jobs to provide a valuable life for my siblings and me.

There are so many stories like my family’s, and reducing immigration would be cutting off opportunities to so many hard-working people.

If we stop accepting immigrants, we will see negative impacts on our economy.

We will see negative impacts on culture.

And anyway, it just runs against the American Way to block people from coming into our country.

These people are coming to America for better work and for a better life — and isn’t that what everyone is trying to work for?