The Issue with Financial Dependence

Students and young adults should be more attentive with good finances


Most upperclassmen have a job. Once you have a car, you need gas money, and some newfound freedom creates a need to have money for different activities. While some people save up for big ticket items, such as a new pair of headphones, a game console, or expensive clothing, more students should be thinking about saving money.

Even though some parents pay for most of our necessities and maybe our wants, students should still keep in mind the value of money, and be prepared to save for a few years down the line.

Young people should value the hours they spend at work or completing odd jobs and keep their money in the bank where it can grow instead of spending it the second they get their paycheck.

The ability to save money over the course of a year or two will allow you to purchase your own car, pay for a portion of college, make payments on an apartment, among dozens of other possibilities. The ability to pay for some of your own things instead of relying on your parentals, or enjoying your youth instead of living paycheck to paycheck is more worth it rather than buying a new jacket or pair of shoes.

At the age of 16 or 17, adulthood seems far away. You may just work for some extra cash lying around or to gain experience. But, when 18 hits and you have college or a job in front of you, money and the availability of it becomes very real.

Instead of worrying about payments later, saving now can make learning the value of money much easier in the future.