Picture Perfect

Allie Ament, Staff Writer

Nick Lamberti
After a relaxing, stress-free summer you are forced to walk back into the doors of what is called school. The first day is already dreaded enough, but having to worry about looking good for school photos just adds to the stress and anticipation.

From my past experiences, my yearbook photo is something I don’t ever want to see, nor do I want anyone else to see.

Sadly, the reality is that photo will show up everywhere for the rest of the school year.

Not only does it show up in the yearbook that all 1,600 students have access to, but it’s also on seating charts, on your student ID and on Synergy for attendance. You are haunted by that photo for which you were forced to smile awkwardly.

This year, I decided to spice up my school photo by giving the camera a little wink. I was told by the photographer to “just smile” and was immensely disappointed. Here I was again, forced to smile at the camera for the 11th year in a row.

It’s my school photo, why couldn’t I be allowed to make whatever face I pleased? I would have been very satisfied to receive a school photo that for once was my weird, silly self winking at the camera.

Going through the yearbook can be like looking at a herd of sheep — everyone looks the same.

Though it might look formal, your picture is your picture, so why not express yourself a little?

Imagine going through your yearbook now, except in every individual photo, a different personality is showcased how each person wants to be perceived.

If you want to showcase your “always laughing and having a good time” personality, go for a candid of you laughing.

If you want to showcase your chill and easygoing personality, throw up a peace sign.

The point is, do what feels comfortable and make your picture your own.

If how you choose to pose for your school photo is school appropriate, then why not have a little fun with it?