Inviting live bands to play at school dances would make students’ experiences more entertaining, enjoyable

School dances are all the same now.

After dinner, people only pay and go to dances to socialize for an hour before going home or going to an after-party.

Once you’ve been to one dance, you’ve been to them all.

Some people don’t even go to dances — they’d rather do something else because it would be more fun.

Something needs to change. Dances need to be revitalized. Dances need live music.

Sure, DJs can be cool, but let’s face it — all they play is music that used to be Top-40 and songs like the “Cupid Shuffle” or “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Live music will bring a new energy to dances that will invigorate students to have more fun.

If we contact a band early enough, then we create a custom playlist for them to follow.

Of course, the band can’t play the whole two to three hours of the dance, so we can have a playlist on a phone ready while they’re on a break.

If not the smaller dances, then at least bring live music to Prom, which is supposed to be different than the other dances.

At the current moment, the only difference about Prom is that it costs more and it’s hosted at a different place. Live music would separate Prom from the other dances.

However, live music could be a commodity at all the dances.

They can be cheaper than DJs, which can cost around $1,000 to $1,500.

If we hire local music, then we’d be supporting their growth. The bands would love to play for us, and people would be very interested in supporting local bands.

There are downfalls to getting local bands to play at the dance.

They could be lackluster or substandard. That is why we have to research the bands beforehand to make sure that the dance experience is the best it can be.

It would require more equipment to set up and check, and we would have to do more work to create good sound quality, but it would be worth it.

Imagine people dancing to the music like it’s a concert instead of awkwardly moving to the beat and talking to friends. Imagine people enjoying the music they’re listening to instead of being ambivalent to it. Imagine a dance more enjoyable and entertaining than any one you’ve been to yet.

Bring live music to our dances, Blue Valley.