Mom, It’s Not A Phase

Tattoos shouldn’t be viewed negatively


Allie Ament, Staff Writer

Tattoos are often seen as negative because it’s something you’re allowing to be engraved on your body permanently and can many times be labeled as a ‘mistake’. But why is this seen as such a bad thing?

A tattoo is more than just a rebellious act–it is an art form. A tattoo is what every individual makes it out to be. That’s the beauty of tattoos–they can either mean absolutely nothing or could represent anything and everything a person stands for in life. It’s all up to the individual and yet everyone who has or hasn’t got a tattoo has an opinion about it.

You’re told when you’re growing up that you might not get a certain job if you decide to get a tattoo because it doesn’t look ‘professional’.

Depending on what type of job you’re looking for, a tattoo might be frowned upon but in this day and age your work ethics and passion should be what determines you getting your dream job, not a mark on your skin.

Another association with tattoos is the stereotype people in gangs who ride motorcycles and have a lot of piercings.

Yes, the man that rides the motorcycle does have sleeves of tattoos covering his arms but there’s a mom out there with 3 kids who has got just as many tattoos.

The point is a tattoo shouldn’t degrade a person’s status, work ethic, value or integrity.