Take Charge

A guide to creating change in your local communities

Courtney Brown , Staff Writer

From net neutrality to environmental issues, there seems like little you can do to help create change within your own government. When there are decisions that are going to be voted on that you disagree with, there are ways to create change and take advantage of our democracy. Here are steps to make change and contact those who can actually make a difference.


Contact your state representatives. In Overland Park, we are represented by Kevin Yoder in the House of Representatives. He’s been in office since 2011 and is responsible for creating and voting on legislation. If you disagree with something he’s voting on then you can contact him through the following.



Contact your Senators. We’re represented in the U.S. Senate by Senators Pat Robert and Jerry Moran. Moran has been in office since 2011 and Roberts since 1997.

Pat Roberts:

Jerry Moran:

Text RESIST to 50409. By texting this number, you get an automated text message that basically does everything for you. It’s called resistbot and gets basic information from you to find your state representatives. It’ll write letters for you and give you daily reminders so you’re constantly contacting them.


Contact your state’s governor. In Kansas, our governor is Sam Brownback who’s been in office since 2011. He deals with issues specifically dealing with Kansas and you can contact him once again through email or phone.