Burnt Out

Doing too much of what we love becomes repetitive

Maddy Kang, Co-Editor-in-Chief

You could say there are plenty of things you could get burnt out or tired of — school, sports, work, or even friends and family. But why do we get tired of the things that we supposedly love so much?

There comes a point in our lives where everything just becomes repetitive. We wake up, go to school, follow the same schedule five days a week, talk to the same people, participate in the same extracurriculars and 

probably go to bed with the same weariness we woke up with.

It is especially difficult to become tired of something you were once passionate about, like a sport or a hobby. You probably got burnt out of it because you loved it, wanted to get better at it and you did it too much or pushed yourself too hard. Now you’re stuck.  

Having this much passion for something and striving to be better at it can get repetitive and make you not want to pursue it anymore. This happens quite too often. It’s heartbreaking.

This is why we need to stop before we run out of ambition — whether that means taking a few days off, a week, a month, or even quitting altogether. Life is too short to spend time doing things that no longer give you that all-too-familiar feeling of passion and liveliness.

So take a break, no matter how long it takes you. Think of it as a vacation. See if what you’re doing is really benefiting your needs and desires in life, and if it isn’t, it goes. If it does benefit you, go back to it.

And if possible, find something new and refreshing that does actual good for you. Try to remember the feeling of doing something for the first time and don’t let it go. Also try to remember to take breaks often, keep trying new things and enjoying them genuinely because the last thing you want to do is become burnt out of those new-found passions.