Photo editing’s purpose should be re-evaluated


Allie Ament, Staff Writer

The world is filled with so many unrealistic expectations of the way we should look and act. With social media, we are exposed to daily reminders that we don’t have flawless skin or perfect, white teeth.

The thing we all don’t realize is not many people actually do have these natural features. With today’s technology, almost everyone has access to some sort of app to edit their pictures. Editing Instagram photos has become a must in society today.

More and more every day, natural beauty is being dismissed and instead turned into some kind of Barbie created from an app.

Apps like Facetune give people the chance to “fix” their physical flaws.

If you haven’t heard of Facetune, you have probably at least seen photos on Instagram of people who have used it.

Facetune gives you the tools to choose a photo of yourself and enhance your eyes, skin, teeth and body to make yourself “prettier.” The problem with this is your taking away your individual beauty and sending out the message that you agree that conforming to society is acceptable.

We don’t realize that editing a photo might just seem like a mindless thing to do, but deep down, it’s because you’re insecure.

It’s difficult to be happy with the way we look when we compare ourselves to others that we perceive to have more beauty.

Seeing a photo with no filters, no enhancements, no edits and all natural beauty is so refreshing in a world where it’s so rare for people to have that confidence and self-love.

I am not here to call everyone who uses Facetune or any other photo editing apps fake because even I am guilty of downloading one of these apps at sometime in my life.

The point is to take a step back to look at why you feel the need to have to whiten your teeth with an app.

Rock your imperfect skin and not-so-white teeth.

The raw you is beyond more beautiful than any app can ever make you.