Its Not You, it’s Me…

Is it okay to break up with someone by text?


Olivia Sherlock, Story Editor


Its 2018, our McDonalds is being ubered to our homes and our math homework is being solved through apps. As a generation, we have grown fond of taking the easy way out, whether it is buying groceries or even ending a relationship. But just because it is the normal now, does that make it okay?

According to a CNN poll 30% of teen relationships end via text.

However, in most circumstances the person being dumped in the relationship deserves more than a text. Frankly, it is a cowardly way to end a relationship, especially if it was a long relationship, where both parties had invested a lot of time and energy.

Maybe ask yourself these questions before sending ‘the text’. What is the reason for the ending of the relationship? How long was the relationship? Was there any emotional or physical abuse in the relationship? Is it a long distance relationship? If the relationship was short, abusive,there was cheating or ended for another bad reason, then i can see why it would be justifiable to end it over text.

If you are afraid the other person is going to have an aggressive reaction, then a phone call or facetime would be more appropriate. A phone call or facetime might also be the way to go if a person lives far away and getting to talk to them in person is challenging.

In most cases, face to face is the best way to go. It’s important for the other person to get closure in order to move on, and if you care about this person, then do the right thing and give them that closure.

Text breakups are more common in teens because it is an immature thing to do. The idea of not wanting to break up in person because your scared of the repercussions is immature.

Yes, they will probably be upset, they might cry, and it may be awkward, but not doing the right thing because it’s uncomfortable is selfish.

Just be honest, if it is not working out then go to a park or somewhere where you both can sit down and talk.

Think about how your would feel if the roles were reversed. Would you want to get a text, or would you rather be told in person? What would you prefer them to say? Just consider how the other person feels and try to do things in the best possible way. There is no ‘good way’ to end a relationship but there are better ways than to send a text.