Take A Knee

Take A Knee

Jaron Cole, Staff Writer

Colin Kaepernick, former QB for the San Francisco 49ers, started a movement called “Take A Knee”. This movement was a political protest against police brutality and racism, which included Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem.

Kaepernick put himself and his career on the line to show the football community that they need to pay more attention, and It didn’t take long for other players to join in. Almost instantly, teammates of Kaepernick took a knee side by side, expressing their mutual grief.

After the season started to pick up, other players throughout the league joined in. Some stuck with the original kneeling idea while others expanded, eventually leading to players waiting in the locker room until gametime.

The movement hasn’t had only positive feedback; Fans, team owners and even the president disagree with kneeling during the National Anthem. President Trump voiced his disagreements enough to persuade the NFL into making a brand new policy regarding the protest.

The new policy among the NFL states that if any player kneels, the player must pay a hefty fine towards the league. This has left many teams and players in a predicament. Some teams agreed to the terms of having their players to pay their own fine.

On the other hand, some teams Including the Jacksonville Jaguars are supporting their players and paying the fine for them in order to protect and encourage their freedom of speech.