The Advantage of a Gamer


JD Loftin, Staff Writer

Gaming is very looked down upon by most people. When people ask you “what are your hobbies?” Some of us will answer with “im a gamer.” although it may sound bad in reality it is the exact opposite. Gaming is a very good way to get rid of some very unneeded stress and pent up emotions. There is a place for everyone in the gaming community, there is action, story based, horror, Etc. There are even conventions held around gaming for instance PAX east/west. There are some benefits to gaming besides relieving stress. Gaming can improve your hand eye coordination and fast judgment skills. Some people are referred to as geeks or nerds if you play video games, but just because you play on a console or a computer isn’t the qualifications for being a gamer. Some gamers just play on there phones almost everyone has played a mobile phone game. Some will argue that playing games will ruin your eyes or make you have bad thoughts. That’s only true if you sit right in front of the television 12 hours straight without social interactions. Most people who play on a computer or a mobile device come out after playing video games fast typers and texters. Due to the high intensity of the game you have to be most of the time quik on your fingers to get what you need to be said out there in time. Gaming also promotes good physical activity. While some games promote a high  level of interaction such as virtual reality, even those requiring a simple handheld controller can lead to physical activity. Sports games that involve basketball, tennis, or even skateboarding can lead to children practicing those same skills outdoors. Also gaming can entice a person’s creativity with bizarre characters and pure dreamlands that would only work in the imagination. This boosts the creativity of most people they start thinking about wacky characters and if it would be possible to make there dream world a game. Along with this is cognitive thinking abilities doing tricky puzzle,maze games, or even just a simple trivia game boosts the mind in awesome ways. But that’s not all there are people who play games for a living on youtube and a lot of them do it because it’s fun. Gamers also tend to go into some art or technology field due to their experience with gaming. Some will become programmer’s, some will make indie games, and others will do game design. The possibilities are almost endless with what gaming can do. You can meet new people online, or just play a game with your friends. There are multiplayer and cooperation games out there to play with people you know, and doing this improves your team work which is a very crucial skill. Once you stop gaming there will be some side effects only if you don’t game for awhile though. Your ability to make decisions quickly and effectively in a high stakes environment will decline slightly.