In Remembrance of…

Teachers should acknowledge 9/11, help students recognize its importance

Most of our parents know exactly where they were when it happened. It is that significant in their lives. Some of us weren’t quite born yet, had just been born or were born on the day it happened. Even so, its importance should resonate with everyone today. The 2,996 lives lost should be remembered each and every year. If not that, the day should at least be acknowledged.  


It is very upsetting when only two of your teachers talk about 9/11— or do an activity centered around it. This infamous day deserves to be remembered along with its victims.

I am not saying by any means that educators should forcibly put material about 9/11 into their curriculum or plan an activity around it, they may feel that the day is outdated —and they have a right to their own opinions. However, they should, along with everyone else, at least recognize the day’s significance and the toll it took on our nation.

Whether it is a couple minutes of discussion, a powerpoint, a video or an entire class period, anything counts and anything contribute to memorializing the citizens that lost their lives on September 11th, 2001.

Let’s not make school just about school.

Let’s be well-informed students, teachers, and Americans that remember shocking events like these.

Let’s pay attention to those who were drastically affected by 9/11 and have conversations with them.

Let’s show support and sympathy to the rest of our aching country who has remembered this day for 17 years now.

Let’s be the kind of people that can take a short break from our busy lives and prioritize conversing about something that has impacted how we live our lives today.

Let’s remember.