Four Seasons

Which season is the best?

Four Seasons

Winter: Charlie Trent

When the winter season hits, people complain about pipes breaking, cold temperatures, ice on the road and spending too much money. However, these are just a few sacrifices that must be made to experience the best season of the year — winter.

One of the best parts of the season is being surrounded by family and friends. Whether you celebrate any holidays, the cold season brings people together for food, family and fun activities.

Seeing people come together to support others lifts people’s spirits and brings them joy.

In addition, winter activities like sledding, sipping hot cocoa around the fire and ice skating set the mood for a season full of good memories that last a lifetime.

Although some may argue the cold temperatures may ruin this festive fun, they set up the perfect atmosphere for bringing people together.

You don’t have to sweat while listening to soccer moms argue at your cousin’s games or deal with peeling sunburns. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy peppermint flavored drinks while being surrounded by the people you love most.

On top of it all, winter has an added extra benefit — ‘tis the season of joy.


Spring: Kate Oudejans

After a long, dead season full of snow storms and frigid temperatures, you can finally let out a sigh of relief as life starts to blossom back into nature — spring has sprung.

There’s something magical about watching leaf buds form in colors of white and pink, then slowly changing into a dozen shades of green. The color you were once missing from your life can finally come back to you.

Seeing flowers bloom and baby animals coming out to play while listening to birds chirp outside your window perfectly adds to the joy of this whimsical season.

You can finally put away your bulky jackets and boots and exchange them for tennis shoes and jean jackets.

Rainy days are like the cherry-on-top of the spring season. Nothing will ever beat making the perfect rainy day playlist and sitting out on your porch watching the rain fall down.

Spring is seen as the season of new beginnings, and what’s better than starting anew?


Summer: Olivia Sherlock

Imagine you’re in a lounge chair on the dock at the lake sucking on a bomb pop listening to all your favorite songs, all while getting gorgeously tan.

Now imagine you’re in school listening to your teacher lecture. You’re sleep deprived and about to start stress-crying.

Summer is without a doubt the best season of them all. During the school year, yes, you can be around your friends, but you’re also forced to sit next to that one guy who always smells like beef jerky in Spanish.

During summer, you can filter out the people you don’t want to see every day. You can be as social or antisocial as you want. You can go out all night on a Wednesday, and it wouldn’t matter because there is no school the next day.

Summer is a time when people make their most lasting memories of going on vacation, having little flings and getting a summer job.

It’s also a time to do all those things you don’t have time for during the school year, like exercising, reading a book and spending time with friends and family.

You can do all the things in summer that make you happy because you now have time for them.


Fall: Claire Powell

I could go on and explain ‘the feeling’ of fall, but that is unnecessary because everyone knows what fall is — just as everyone knows fall is the best season.

Leaves change to bright reds and oranges, and somehow everything becomes perfect in this place we call the world.

Fall has the perfect weather — not too cold, and not too hot, but as Goldie-Locks would say, “just right.”

During the blistering, hot summer, AC can cost hundreds of dollars. This goes for heating as well, when winter punches you in the face with its cold, dead hand. Meanwhile when it’s fall, the door can be closed to keep in the heat, or the door can be kept open to allow delightful air in.

Of course, spring can say the same, but nobody actually enjoys spring. Spring is like the sloppy seconds of the seasons. After winter, the roads are covered in mush, ruining clean cars and new shoes.

Even when the weather becomes eventually decent, students are too busy taking finals to be outside in the mosquito-infested air.

With fall, life is amazing. Television series begin their next season, scented candles fill rooms and everyone has an excuse to jump into a pile of leaves.

The feeling of fall doesn’t need to be explained — everyone knows and loves the feeling the other seasons can’t compete with.