at least be fake nice about my fake tan

why fake tans are perfectly okay


Olivia Sherlock, Story Editor

“You’re an orange.”

“You look like Donald Trump”

“You look gross, why would you do that”

“It’s not very feminist for you to succumb to society’s standards of beauty”

These are the unsolicited opinions on my appearance things I’ve heard from strangers.

The thing I don’t understand is why people get all bothered over a spray tan. There are much bigger things to worry about. Yes, I chose to get a spray tan and look like this, but you chose to take a shower and look like that. Commenting on my appearance because I happened to do something on purpose for how I look is still not OK.

The fact that I was told by a fellow female that taking care of myself is and doing something that makes me happy is anti-feminist is just ridiculous. If anything, putting down your own gender and assuming that I did something for a boy, or society, is pretty anti-feminist.

Under any circumstances telling someone that they’re ugly is unacceptable, so why is it that now that I have a spray tan you have the right to tell me in ugly.

Tanning beds and the sun can cause skin cancer and painful peeling, so for most girls spray tans are the safest healthiest option to get a tan. Not only doesn’t a spray tan give the illusion of darker, more sun-kissed skin, but it also has alcohol in it that can lessen acne, making your skin clearer, too.

If you want to be more glowy, then, by all means, get a spray tan. On the other hand, If you see someone walking down the hall, and they’re a little darker than normal, don’t comment — it’s not your place.

Just be nice to people, and don’t put them down for wanting to do something for themselves