Restricted Learning

Will the laptops students are getting from the school restrict learning.


JD Loftin, Staff Writer

The big talk in the school and in our tiger times is that we are going to be getting laptops provided by the school soon. However, will it restrict so many programs that we can not use it effectively?

I think it will, for starters anyone who has wanted to download an application on any of the school computers knows about the admin restriction. This makes it so that we cant install basic learning applications that are on other computers around the school. Or any application for that matter, unless you have an admin.

Some of the applications that the school computers have like Adobe illustrator, photoshop, Greenfoot, and more. These applications are more than likely not going to be given access to us unless we get permission from an admin to install the application, which with how many students are in our building we probably won’t all be getting those crucial apps we need to have.

Without these programs how can we call it a personal computer when the computer is still under severe restrictions. Of course, it is OK to restrict the usage of games and other bad sites, but when the programs we are not allowed to install are ones the school allows. How will we be able to work at home and learn when we are not being given the ability or opportunity to learn at home. These programs will take our time away from our tiger paws and that time could be used for help from teachers. It is instead used on work we need to get caught up in because we are behind or slow learners for programs we do not have access to other than at school.

We can not be expected to be able to turn in work for classes on such short due dates if they require specific programs, and if we do not have the chance to work on it at home how will we make the due dates or get better at using the program. Unless the admins ease up on the restrictions and let us work at home with us being able to install these certain programs. As well as easing up on search restrictions that almost every time we search something we have to enter a password just to see the results of the search.

For students to be able to work effectively we need to have access to all the programs the school has, so that we may work more successfully on our classes. And if we do not get these programs what is the point of a personal computer if you can only do the things a phone can do.