Self Love Isn’t Selfish

caring for yourself is necessary key to happiness

Maddy Kang, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Since Valentine’s Day is nearing, it’s important to remember the value of self-love, especially if everyone around you is in a relationship. Sometimes, when everyone around you is falling in- and out-of-love, it is easy to forget the meaning of loving yourself.

Self-love is “love of self” or “regard for one’s own happiness or advantage,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Being able to care for yourself and your own

happiness is the most important part of self-love.

Some may say loving yourself is narcissistic or vain — but it isn’t. Being able to love yourself and all of the qualities that come with you is not selfish at all.

Being in love with yourself in a way that makes you feel superior or more important than others is narcissistic.

Self-love is not just being mentally aware of your happiness, but loving your physical aspects as well.

Taking care of your body is also imperative to loving yourself. The body you were born with is perfectly made and should be cherished and loved just as much as your mind is.

This care could be as simple as enjoying a sweet treat, going on a hike or scheduling a massage for tired limbs.

There is a reason that people who take time for themselves seem less stressed — they are taking the time to do what makes their souls and bodies happy.

Some other simple ways to practice self-love are to dress and present yourself in a way that makes you feel confident, doing something for yourself without guilt, trying something new, pampering yourself at a salon, giving yourself a day off and constantly remembering that you are perfect and valuable the way you are.

Self-love is of dire importance to everyone. It is being content with your entire being.

Loving the way you are and the way you live isn’t selfish — it is the key to happiness.