Letter to the Editor, February 2019

Letter to the Editor

It was an utter and complete abomination of the free press by The Tiger Print when a nonexistent correlation was fabricated that claimed· that hunters are more likely to be serial killers. Such a suggestion is entirely false and completely fictitious. It was further lowering for both the publication and for all hunters, gun owners, and Republicans whenever it was suggested that it is common practice to empty copious amounts of rounds from high powered assault rifles into small animals such as rabbits and when it was suggested that compact bows are more dangerous than assault rifles.

Hunting is a practice which has been practiced by mankind since the beginning of civilization. Ancient nomadic peoples followed animals to maintain a nutrient-rich food source for themselves. Medieval peoples hunted and brought food into communities as people settled in one place and practiced agriculture. Colonial peoples trapped small animals for meat and to support the fur trade. Native Americans and Settlers of the American West hunted buffalo for resources. Even today peoples in the Cajun region hunt alligator for meat, skins, and to protect the local communities from overpopulation leading to violent injury and death. Perhaps more commonplace are traditions of deer, elk, pheasant, and bear hunting being passed down from generation to generation.

To suggest that an ancient practice and tradition that binds families together correlates to becoming a serial killer is an insult to mankind and all of those who have fought and died to protect United States sovereignty, under which the Constitution protects the right of any individual to bear arms and to hunt. We are not suggesting that violent crimes are not an atrocity and need to be addressed. In a country where fifty percent of serial killers and seventy percent of all violent criminals come from broken homes, a bogus claim of hunters being more likely to become violent criminals pales, withers, dies, and is buried when a legitimately viable solution to violent crime in the United States is to fix the family — to reduce the rates of divorce, absent and incarcerated fathers, drug and alcohol abuse, and lack of moral and spiritual discipline. Americans must rise and wipe out the hyper-sexualization, secularization, and moral decay of society lest we fall to our knees and the grand experiment fail.


Kendrick Kramer, Brandon Noah, Grant Keller, Cade Stout, Mark Hanes, Carson Schmidt, David Quirk, Owen Bemiss, Stephen Welker, Max Hernandez, Nolan Bemiss.