Hooked on Books

BV students are ungrateful for the Macbooks given to them by the school


Olivia Sherlock, Story Editor

 The MacBooks are a luxury, not a necessity.

We need to stop looking at the MacBooks as electronics and try to look at them as if they are a textbook. The MacBooks are here for use to us to learn with.

The benefit of having a MacBook is that it gives teachers the chance to freshen up how they teach and keep things more interesting for the student.

Not every student has a computer at home, so these MacBooks are a chance to give everyone a fair playing field to academically advanced. Hearing people in the halls say we can’t do anything on the MacBooks is disheartening because there is so much we can do on them.

You can’t draw in a textbook, and you can’t set a new picture as your screensaver on your MacBook.

People who choose to break the rules and download a VPN are just stupid. The administrators will figure out something is different when they see a new screensaver or you watching “The Walking Dead” in the back of the classroom.

Downloading the VPN is stupid and risky and just not the move, Chief.