Busted Buzz-In

Security system needs to be installed at the doors to the senior parking lot

Nick Lamberti, Design Editor

Spot 268 in the senior parking lot, a spot very close to the doors, allows me to only have to make a three-minute commute between my car and the school. On days where the weather is not so ideal, this is perfect.

Geographically located in the midwest, it’s no surprise our winter has been a harsh one, and sometimes the early morning of the BV senior lot is greeted by rain, snow or ice.

There have been some days where I have been to school late, usually because of an appointment. It just so happens to be on those days where I am late that the snow comes down from the sky like dandruff off a hobo’s scalp.

I brace myself for this because I know I will have to walk all the way around to the front of the school to enter, because of the locked doors closest to the senior lot.

Trudging through the snow, I wonder why the district chose not to install one of their new buzz-in systems at the senior doors. I mean, this seems to be where people come in late the most, whether that means seniors having a shorter schedule or people coming in later due to morning CAPS.

If this door is the most accessible and convenient for a senior’s schedule, why did the district overlook it when deciding where to place their buzz-in systems? Installing one in that location would save time and keep students warm from the outside elements.