The Problem with Promposals

Elaborate way for students to ask others to prom, unnecessary

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Charlie Trent, Editor-In-Chief

Whether it’s a donut box with the message, “I ‘do nut’ want to miss going to prom with you”, or a poster board accompanied by a drink from QuikTrip saying, “Hey QT, want to go to prom with me?” you can count on promposals being involving a cheesy gift and an even cheesier pun to go along with it. Although this new trend has become the popularized, almost expected way to ask your date to prom, it is not necessary and even downright obnoxious.

First of all, one key problem with promposals is the fact that it adds an additional cost to the already pricey event. Although students might have poster board and markers in the house, the addition of a drink, food item or another accessory (usually added for the “pun” aspect) is just another factor to add into the cost of prom.

Although it could be said that a simple drink from QuikTrip is only a few dollars, these have become more and more elaborate over the years since rising in popularity. One major example of this includes the promposal that involves using products bought from the brand Lululemon Athletica. LuLuLemon is an extremely expensive athletic wear brand, averaging at around $12.00 to $40.00 for a headband and $98.00 to $130.00 for leggings. In this case, the person asking buys their date something from Lululemon and brings it to them along with a sign saying, “U and me at prom?” with the “U” mimicking the Lululemon logo. This not only ridiculously expensive, but it also furthers the idea that promposals have gotten out of hand.

Another problem is created by the pressure that promposals have put on today’s teens. Regardless of a students’ status of wealth, there is an expectation that they create a promposal for their date, which inevitably will cost extra money and time, which many high school students do not have a large amount of.

Although promposals are seen as a fun and exciting way to kick off prom season, there are many issues that could lead to the promposal causing an issue for the student that is gifting it. Not only is the cost and time an issue, but also the point that promposals are all around obnoxious and unnecessary. The big night of prom is already a stressful period for most, why complicate it with the stress of a promposal beforehand?