Happily Ever After High School

High school relationships are set up to fail

Happily Ever After High School

Olivia Sherlock, Story Editor

A high school relationship is just that — a relationship in high school.

The guy you’re sitting next to in chemistry probably isn’t the love of your life. Don’t get me wrong — I am not a heartless monster against love. I understand how having a relationship at this age might seem like everything to some people.

People often feel as if they need to be in a relationship in high school. While fantasizing about having a relationship is fun, you should keep in mind that it is not vital.

High school relationships can teach you new social skills that will be important in your future. They help you prepare to form different types of relationships in the future, but they aren’t made to last.

The expectation to be with the same person from high school further into your adulthood is preposterous.

The average high school relationship lasts about six months. Let’s say the relationship lasts longer than six months, what about when it’s time to go to college? The chances of two people wanting to go to the same college are slim.

College is an important decision that shouldn’t be based on your significant other’s wants. You should have enough pride in yourself to make your future about you and not make your only goal making someone else happy. Therefore, decisions on going off to college can greatly weaken the longevity of the relationship.

After college where that person wants to move and what they want to do with their lives are also factors driving the two people apart.

Who you date in high school is not everything, life will go on, so if you’re single, focus on having fun, not what some guy or girl is doing.