Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular Opinions

Kate Oudejans, Staff Writer

While some people may think that pineapple tastes horrible on pizza or
that The Beatles were, in fact, the greatest band of all time, it is nice to share reasons on why people disagree with that. Opinions are just opinions and, at the end of the day, they have little impact in the large-scheme of everyday life.

Dark Chocolate is the Best Chocolate

The best thing about chocolate is the rich, bitter taste that represents the cocoa bean. Other chocolates like milk and semisweet taste too sugary and don’t represent what real chocolate taste likes. When looking for chocolate, the more bitter, the better.

Chacos Ain’t It

We’ve all seen it, the shoes that look like it’s made for a Midwesterner’s first trip to a tropical island. While it is noted that these shoes may feel extremely comfortable to the owner, the lack of fashion appeal that these shoes have will never make up for the comfort that they might have. But if having no sense of style is your thing, feel free to buy a pair or two.

The Beatles weren’t the Best

Even though the band said they were bigger than Jesus Christ, I definitely don’t think they were good enough to say that. The Beatles are overhyped and plastered everywhere when most of their songs sound like a bad acid trip. Other bands such as The Who, The Beach Boys and Pink Floyd greatly surpass the band’s skills. While some of their songs are staples to the music style of that time period, the majority of their songs just don’t live up to other similar bands.