“So say ‘Hi’ to a kid you’ve never met in the hallway, be friends with everyone — just smile a lot.”


Cassidy Carpenter, Staff Writer

Putting four years of experiences into a few hundred words is hard to do. I learned that quickly when trying to write this column.

I spent a lot of time learning throughout my time at Blue Valley. The ironic thing is that what I will take away has little to do with academics at all.

I learned freshman year that gym class really isn’t fun, and my biggest problem was figuring out how to get in my heart rate zone on block days when I had a broken ankle.

Sophomore year I started to figure out how to deal with friendships that didn’t go the way I expected.

Junior year I started studying to get my score on the ACT up in order to earn scholarships for college.

Senior year I figured out that I could only have so many dentists appointments and that unfortunately, my mom will not call me out every day.

So rude, I know.

As the years went by, my day-to-day problems that seemed so big at the time were gone by the next week. For me, high school was a time that stretched me and forced me to become better in so many ways.

I found my support system and started to value time with my family even more than before. I learned that hard situations can be positive learning experiences and that attitude really is everything.

Most of all I learned that treating others kindly is the most important thing about your time here. When we leave here, no one will remember you for what you did but how you made them feel.

So say “Hi” to a kid you’ve never met in the hallway, be friends with everyone — just smile a lot. You never know what positive effect that could leave on somebody.

Senioritis is real — trust me, I’ve had it since sophomore year — but take time to slow down, look around and enjoy these years.

Though I’m heading to a new school out of state next year, I’ll always cherish the lessons I learned in these halls.

I am beyond excited for what is to come, and I am thankful for how this place has shaped me.