Don’t Be Catty

Cats should be respected more


Molly Holmes, Staff Writer

Everybody seems to be a self-proclaimed dog person. These people act as if cats are evil spawns from the fiery pits of hell. They act as if being in the same vicinity of a cat is horrifying and grotesque and must be avoided at all costs. But why? There is no valid reason to hate an entire group of animals to the extent people hate cats.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a dog and I love dogs, but I also have cats and I truly love and appreciate them. There is no reason why both animals cannot coexist, which often they do. In this same way, people should be able to accept both cats and dogs instead of loathing one or the other for no valid reason.

Most likely, if you hate cats, you’ve never had a cat. You’ve never drifted to sleep from the sound of a cat purring. Or you’ve never watched a cat dart around a room chasing after a laser pointer. You’ve never experienced what cats are actually like. Therefore, you cannot proclaim yourself a hater of cats if you haven’t truly witnessed the presence of them.

All cats have their own personality. They may be playful and energetic or calm and timid. Cats can offer great companionship and emotional connection, which is too commonly ignored by haters of cats. Each cat is unique and offers something completely different from another cat, so it is impossible to hate the species as a whole.

Cats deserve to be appreciated to the same extent dogs are, or at least garner less raging hatred from “dog-people”.