Freshmen aren’t that bad

Stereotypes about disliking underclassmen

Welcome Freshmen!

Welcome Freshmen!

Frannie Lamberti , Publication Editor

It happens every year; eighth-graders become freshmen and freshmen become sophomores. There is a tradition at almost every school: no one likes the freshman.

In my opinion, freshmen aren’t actually that bad.

Freshmen hear rumors about older kids hating or taunting them, but it doesn’t actually happen.

Most upperclassmen may not like freshmen because they are so young or new to the school but no one is going to go out of their way to be rude.

During my freshman year, I made friends with the upperclassmen in some of my classes or in a sport I played.

My advice is to just be yourself and people will like you no matter what grade you are in. I don’t have a problem with freshmen because I was one less than a year ago.

Freshman year was fun and I’m glad I took advantage of my first dance, my first pep rally, my first football game, and many other firsts.

Freshmen aren’t the worst and eventually, you will become an upperclassman and you will want to forget the memories of 15-year-old you. Maybe I will have a different outlook on freshman as I get older or maybe once they start driving but as of right now I don’t have a problem with them.

Freshman year should be taken slowly because of all of the new things and a completely different school. When you’re a freshman you probably wouldn’t understand why some people don’t like you, but then you get older and older and it may seem weird being a 17-year-old and going to school with a 14-year-old.

Everything takes time and you will grow out of your annoying ways but freshman year should be fun and exciting. Not being a freshman is very relieving because you don’t seem as young, naive, and annoying.

Freshmen aren’t actually hated just for being a freshman, that is mainly just a silly tradition.