Is Homework Necessary?

Students don’t need to be assigned homework


Tymber Moody, Web Editor

Students spend 40 hours a week at school, learning, focusing on subjects and doing school work. When they go home they just want some time to relax or go to their extracurricular activities and have time to be a kid. Except with all of the homework we are assigned students rarely have time to do anything except the piles and piles of homework. 

I understand that teachers don’t know what classes all of their students are taking and what they’re other teachers are giving for homework, so why not just get rid of it all. 

It’s time to break away from the norm and the phrase ‘that’s how its always been’ and stick to the facts of the matter. 

Okay yes, it does give students time to revisit the topics discussed in class that day and to finish anything that was not completed in class, but is that really helping? Homework can lead to stress and anxiety of school which can carry over into their personal life. 

I for one know that the amount of homework that I get a night is crazy. Some students are forced to quit their sports or extracurricular activities because they need time to complete their mounds of homework they get every night. They’re so focused on getting their homework done on time and studying for their tests that they forget to enjoy life and have fun while they’re still a kid. 

I think that the solution to these problems is simple. Schools need to get rid of homework. Although I do think that it’s beneficial to still have a student study for an upcoming test on their own time, or maybe if they aren’t doing their work in class then it should be sent home with the student. But, I do think that assigning an hour of homework a night for each class is ridiculous. 

A teacher may think that their 30 minute worksheet is nothing and completely reasonable, but if all of the students’ teachers give them a 30 minute worksheet or an hour assignment, it all adds up. 

Teenagers, and all students really, already spend 8 hours a day learning and going over curriculum and administrations want to add more hours to that? When are they supposed to sleep or eat or hang out with friends? 

Homework makes it so that school is a teenagers life when in reality, a students life should be about what they’re passionate about and what they want to pursue as a career. School is just a stepping stone to get there. 

I know of many people who have anxiety, sleep deprivation, headaches, and weight loss all because of the amount of homework that they were assigned. It makes life almost unbearable because there’s not many highlights of your days if all you ever do is homework.

Teenagers are more depressed now than they ever have been and one way we can help fix this is by eliminating the stress caused by homework. 

By taking this next step we can help to improve the lives of students and better prepare them for the real world.