Save the Turtles

Are VSCO girls actually saving the turtles?


Lizzy Parkerson, Staff Writer

VSCO girls are a new phenomenon that have taken over the social media world. One trait they have is flaunting the use of metal straws to save the turtles. Most VSCO girls have a metal or reusable straw, but do they always use it? 

“I have one, but I forget to take it with me,” said sophomore Libby Hawks, “it isn’t a foldable one.” 

While most of the VSCO girls have a reusable straw, it doesn’t change the fact that they still use plastic straws.

We cannot just get rid of plastic straws all together because to some people they are a necessity. Some people have disabilities that don’t allow them to hold a cup to drink out of it, and this is where a straw is a necessity. Now, I know you could say that these people could get a reusable one, but the metal ones don’t bend and can be harmful to the user. Don’t get me started on the silicone ones because they don’t work at all. 

Some places have gotten rid of their plastic straws and replaced them with paper ones. And that is not okay.

“They suck,” said sophomore London Haggadone, “and they get all soggy.”

As you can see the alternatives to plastic straws are very far from being a non-plastic-plastic straw. 

Also plastic straws are not like magnets, they don’t get pulled to the ocean and attracted to a turtle’s nose. BUT I’m not saying that plastic straws have no negative effects. Plastic straws take so long to break down and will probably still be here when we die to global warming. 

Should we be saving the turtles or saving the planet?