ACT Changes

ACT Changes

Jaidyn Phillips, Staff Writer

On Oct. 8, 2019, USA Today came out with an article that could change high schoolers’ futures forever. The ACT announced at the start of 2020, students would be able to retake any part of the ACT that they wish to improve on, but for a fee. The sections of the ACT that students take and are able to retake are math, English, reading, science, and an optional writing portion. 

Personally, I am profound with joy that they have made this change. In the past, I have not been a good test taker so this change will able me to have a better chance of getting more scholarships and better colleges.

Mary Michael Pontzer, a vice president at ACT commented on the subject,  “The changes are meant to better serve students and spare them unnecessary time taking tests.” Pontzer also said that the ACT was to show students very top potential. The ACT has also brought on another new feature called the “superscore.”

The “superscore” applies to students who have taken the test several times, it is a composite score of their best results in each subject. Colleges are not required to use the “superscore” although many colleges already take the best score out of all their tests.

Overall, changing the test will put less stress on the students, and hopefully, it is the start of helping students with mental health and creating less stress.