Don’t be afraid to show it

You should let others know you are in a relationship

Don’t be afraid to show it

Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

In high school you fall in and out of relationships all the time. Whether they are casual or serious you shouldn’t be afraid to tell your friends and family. 

Having feelings for someone can be confusing and exciting at the same time. At first you may not want to tell everyone because you don’t want to be let down or embarrassed, but once you are in a relationship other people should know. 

Trying to hide the person you like from your peers can make your partner feel insecure or unwanted. The couple won’t last if there are secrets or insecurities in the relationship. You can’t tell someone how much you like them and then not treat them the way they want to be treated.

Hiding something from your friends in general is not good, causing bonds and trust to break. If they are your true friends they would support you when you tell them you are interested in someone. In all honesty, no one really cares who you are dating and the only person over-thinking is you. If you really like someone and want to make an effort to date them, you shouldn’t try and hide them from other important people in your life. 

Sneaking around trying to find time to hangout with your partner and your friends can be tricky and difficult. Picking between the two and lying about what you’re doing never works out. When the time comes to tell your friends won’t they be upset that you hid something from them? Not only are friends feeling betrayed so is the person you are hiding. Like everyone says, “You only live once”, so why not be happy with someone you actually like. 

If someone is concealing a relationship with you, you should end it until you are both ready to tell other people involved in your life. Being open and honest in a relationship helps make you stronger and helps your love grow over time.