No need for negativity

You shouldn’t put people down for liking something

Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

As popular things come and go whether it’s a certain accessory, show, or anything at all, some people aren’t going to like it.

You don’t need to like every trend but just because someone else does, doesn’t mean you get to criticize them for it.

For instance, the show The Office is well-liked and thought to be a favorite by many people; on the other hand, there are people that don’t like it, but they make fun of people who do.

Online, people say if you like the show you are considered to have a very surface-level sense of humor. People who don’t like the show think that since they don’t find it funny they have more depth to their humor.

It’s not all about The Office but about anything in general. People think that because they don’t have an interest in something popular, they all of a sudden have a better taste or personality. Criticizing people for what they like doesn’t prove that you have better taste, it proves that you have a bad character and are insecure.

I also see this a lot when it comes to girls putting down other girls for looks or personality. A girl on Tik Tok made a video about the difference when it comes to girls with different hair colors. She goes on about how girls with brown hair have a better personality but no boys like them, but girls with blonde hair are boring and all of the boys like them.

Whether that is necessarily true or not, you may have the “better” personality but you are being rude to someone and stereotyping. The negativity shows how self-conscious someone can be they don’t look a certain way or like something popular.

Everyone should be able to like what they like and have fun with their interests!