The Horoscopes Hoax

You believe your horoscope applies to you


Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

Everyone has at least checked their horoscope once in their life. Whether it was good or bad, most of the time you relate to the writing on a random website or app.

But when has the horoscope genuinely been true?

Most of the time, no matter what star sign you are, they are good affirmations that are very broad.

In my opinion, they aren’t actually coming from the universe, they are just something someone wrote on the internet to make you feel good about yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, I like them and thing they benefit people a lot; they put a positive idea in your head causing you to be happier.

But let’s be honest, maybe your star sign says for the month, “You will be working hard and seen as a caring friend from others” — of course, any person would want to be seen as those things.

You aren’t actually letting it happen because the universe said so, you are relating to them because they are positive and you want to associate yourself as good things.

Reading those messages may attract those things into your life but at the end of the day, they could mean anything to anyone.

If your horoscope has something negative to say it is usually is very wide-ranging like, “You are facing a dilemma right now, follow your heart” — your brain is just going to think of any inconvenience and automatically associate it with that, it doesn’t actually mean you are going through something.

Horoscopes are fun and mostly positive, so if you want to believe in them it shows how you are open-minded and have hope for the future.