Political Beliefs should not affect friendships

Political Beliefs should not affect friendships

Chloe Browning, Story Editor

Have you ever heard the saying “politics do not belong at the dinner table”? Well, politics also do not belong in our friendships. Within the past year, tensions have been high due to the upcoming elections. Many people have taken to social media, such as Instagram, to share their two cents on what is going on. Unfortunately, this has also caused many people to turn on their own friends.

Friends disagree with each other all the time. Usually, within half an hour they forget about it and move on, but sadly when it comes to differing political views it becomes a different story. Sharing our own thoughts on what is happening in our world is important because it will benefit our future. However, we must see that it needs to come with a level of maturity. If you cannot hear out the other side and withhold from bashing them then you should probably stay out of the political arena.

Two girls who have been friends since the sixth-grade should not be ending a friendship over one of them supporting the police department and the other supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. A friendship is a bond that is so special. Why should we let one difference in opinion break that? 

By not letting other people’s opinions into your life you put yourself in an isolated spot in which you become close-minded. Having different opinions is beneficial no matter if you agree or not. This is another example of maturity. When you listen to the other side you may find that you actually can find a common ground. 

Overall, we simply need to be respectful of each other’s views, no matter if they are voting Trump or voting Biden. It is not the end of the world if your bestie decided to vote for your opposer. Just remember the fun times you shared with them and know that even if you don’t agree with them, that does not mean you should love each other any less.