‘These times have taught me to not only keep my head up on the worst days but how to smile on my best.’


Chloe Browning, Story Editor

High school. For some these four years are all about sports, for some it’s all about the social life and for others it’s

about what is in the classroom. Although students have different priorities, we all have one commonality and that is that high school means something to all of us. For me high school has been a time of untradi- tional learning. From the moment I walked across that red carpet my first day of freshman year to the day I walk across the graduation stage I continuously developed a further understanding of who I am.

I remember entering high school terri- fied of what this time of my life would be like. As I became more comfortable with the school, I started to look into things that truly interested me. I would have never imagined that I would be writing for the school paper much less being a senior edi- tor of it. I look back on walking into room 450 for my first day as a Blue Valley High School journalist, and for the first time in my life I felt like I could make a difference. Growing up I had my fair share of struggles and I never felt in control of my own life. When I started writing I attained a way to rewrite my story but this time I would be the sole author.

After gaining this confidence not only in myself but in my work, I was driven to

become someone I could be proud of. Al- though my writing has given me a purpose at Blue Valley my newfound passion for exercise and nutrition has given me a drive to become the role model I wish I had as

a child. The gym has given me the power of control of both my physical and mental health as I have navigate my way through stressful assignments, breakups, and friendships. For me high school is like lifting weights you can have 200 pounds resting on your shoulders but the act of gaining the courage to squat down in fear of failure should not diminish your determination for success.

Our senior year has been anything but normal but it has given us a bond that we will never forget. Throughout all that has happened, the class of 2021 has become a family – a very dysfunctional family, but still a family. From our first class meeting, we have all been bonded by such an amazing and unique experience of high school.

Although this past year has been tough it has taught me lessons that I will forever be grateful for.

These times have taught me to not only keep my head up on the worst days but how to smile on my best.

Getting older made me realize that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks
of you because at the end of the day, you decide your future.