‘Not just dreaming but doing And doing it with pride’


Erika Kolseth, Staff Writer

Some may know me as a songwriter,

but today I am a poet.

Writing lyrics like a song

but no music to pose with.


Cause how could I fully reflect

On my years without doing my best

To demonstrate what I’ve been writing

Alone every night at my desk


I’ve always had one dream

In hopes of getting to achieve

The rare possibility

Of actually getting paid to sing


I’d hope, I’d plead, I’d scheme

But nothing’s happening

So could it actually be

That I have to work for something?


Asleep on a wooden desk

Far away from happiness

Sat a hot, helpless mess

Who was late on every assignment


Longing for an epiphany

For years she sat in disbelief

Doubting her abilities

That would one day lead to better things


It took years to clear the fog

And finding out where she belonged

In a big pond full of frogs

With the bonus of gaining a few songs


Now with all of her strength and courage

She’s taking her songs out of storage

Winning awards she’d never thought she’d earn

Yet has so much more stuff to learn


Now remembering all of my slack,

I’m wondering what was holding me back

Was someone or something in the way

No, it was the dedication I lacked


Somehow I realized that nothing would happen if I didn’t try

So I did what I had to and stayed up all day and night

Not just dreaming but doing

And doing it with pride


I ask myself what more I can do

And standing out by being genuine and true

Learning to produce with nothing but joy

So plz go stream “johnny boy”


I’m ready to achieve my dreams

I worked too hard to watch them leave

So if you ever find that you need me

I’ll be across the country at Berklee