Skills Advance at High School Dance

The significance of school dances


Allie Crawford, Staff Writer

With Homecoming right around the corner, students are eagerly rushing around to find the nicest thing to wear, a perfect date, and a place for reservations. Although dances can be stressful, Homecoming, along with Sweetheart and Prom, is incredibly impactful on ones’ high school experience. School dances provide students with the opportunity to grow their life skills and be social.

Most students spend hours a day on their phones and social media, but school dances give students a chance to spend time together without being connected to their devices. There’s no time for standing around on a cell phone during the dance, and this allows students to get closer with classmates and interact in real-time.

School dances also allow students to grow their school spirit. There are many activities arranged around school dances that students are encouraged to attend. These activities could include sports games, pep rallies, and class competitions. All of these activities help build students’ excitement for the big event. When it finally comes around, students are already pumped because they have been waiting weeks for this moment. 

Life skills can also be learned through school dances. For many high schoolers, groups of friends arrange pictures and a dinner before the dance. This requires good communication, teamwork, time management and leadership. Without everyone’s input, dance plans may not turn out ideal. This being said, it is extremely important for high schoolers to get the chance to learn these skills now and not later in life.

One of the most important things that school dances provide is a productive break. School dances are diverting events to attend which can reduce the stress that some students may be feeling due to academics. It could take their minds off an upcoming test, due date, competition or performance. It gives students time to escape reality and recuperate so they do not get burned out.

With all these benefits, it seems like all students can gain something from attending a school dance. Whether that be new social skills or new friends, everyone can grow from this opportunity.