Single Never Felt So Sweet

Going to a school dance without a date can be fun

Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

It was freshman year, there I was sitting in a dressing room of some random store at the mall and crying because I couldn’t find a dress I liked. I was nervous but ready to experience my first high school dance: Homecoming. I wore a black dress that I hated and didn’t know how to put on makeup and I felt hopeless. 

The next dance, Sweetheart, rolled around and I couldn’t imagine going through that process again. I didn’t end up going because I was too scared to ask a boy to the dance. 

The next year came and I did end up going to homecoming but Covid struck and four more dances got taken away. That made me look back on my freshman year Sweetheart dance and wish I went to the dance even without a date. 

The point of my story is that you never know how fast things fly by and the time that could get taken away, so make the most out of the opportunities you have now. Anxiety can arise when trying to plan for a school dance or asking for a date, but why not just go with friends? 

Going with a big group of friends could be a fun opportunity to change up traditional plans. For example, picking out your friend group’s favorite restaurant for dinner or hanging out after the dance and having a themed party can still make the night exciting.

Even with the sweetest dance of all coming up, being single can be celebrated with the company of friends.